Hello! I bought a used H&K Switchblade 100 Head yesterday, and it worked fine when i tried it out at the seller's practice space, however when I got it home and started playing, I noticed that the amp refused to take commands from the MIDI footswitch.

The footswitch draws power from the amp and appears to work fine, all the lights flash like they should, it's just that nothing happens on the amp when i press the footswitch buttons. The amp works fine by itself and is playable.

This is strange, as nothing was changed from when I played it (and it worked) to when I got it home.
I've tried resetting the amp to factory settings, and changed the midi channels on the footswitch and amp to different matching pairs multiple times, and turned OMNI on/off on the amp. Well, I'm pretty stumped, and it would suck to have bought a broken amp with my last money
Thanks in advance for your help.
i just recently purchased a used switchblade 100 head also. sucks to hear you're alrdy getting problems. are you sure there isn't more thn one midi plug in? i made common mistake like that with my old amps.
No, there's only one place on the amp where the 7 pin MIDI connector fits, and that's the Midi In port, where it's supposed to sit.
Well, I called the H&K Dealer and it took about 2 minutes for them to decide that the footswitch was probably broken, that they would send one over here, and that I could come in Friday and get mine exchanged. So far so good, let's hope it's just the footswitch and not the amp.