So I came across a song where I have to use tapping but I've never done tapping before so I checked some lessons on this site and some on youtube but when I try to do it on higher frets like 14 it hardly makes a sound and when I do it on lower frets like 9 it sounds ok.

Do I just need more practice or do I have to get a better guitar? I have a no-name classical that makes playing on frets pass 14 a pain [whether it be picking, tapping, hammer-ons and pull offs] so whenever I have to play that high up I just change songs but it's really limiting what I want to play so I need your help on this problem UG.
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Tapping on a classical is a lot harder since you don't have the Distortion to help you. Keep practicing, and of course a better guitar always helps.

Oh, and classical guitars are always hard to play after the end of the neck (12th fret). Perfectly normal.