So the title's a refference to a certain film with Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson... sue me lol

Anyway, I've been listening to some Don Caballero, and decided to go crazy. Uhmm, yeah. Well I don't know what to make of this, I attempted to make it flow.... okay, as well as one can make something like this flow. Could definately use some tweaking, thats for sure heh.

I thought something different was need around here, different being the key word lol. After all, we're drowning in "EpicProgressiveDeathMetalHardcore" once again. Well, I think so anyway.

Have fun critting the hell out of this pile of rubbish.

I was just messing around with this one and having some fun and all, but it would be cool to make some edits and such to clean it up... perhaps. we'll see


[ps. the title of the files... thats how I order my gp stuff. go figure]
Riff O 7.zip
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The riffs sound like they can have some sort of flow, but the way you have them right now doesn't do must justice. The bass is weird, and IMO it is the one you should tweak. I liked the part where it fades out and the piano thingy kicks in, But after that it gets really random.

Mind critting my newest song? (in sig) Thanks.