On the MusiciansFriend website, they have a link for "B-Stock Epiphone Guitars", what exactly does this mean.

I would like to get this guitar, it's super cheap, but i don't know what B-Stock means. Anybody know?

in this case, it means the guitar's been refurbished. it should be just fine.
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like p-bass said, it's just left over factory of minor stuff on the body
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It's probably got a minor cosmetic blemish on it but if you're not sure you should phone ahead and check exactly what they mean.
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its alright
B stock means it either failed certain standards (usually cosmetic, such as dings or scratches), but nothing that should prevent the guitar from performing as it should.

It may also mean (like in this particular case) that the guitar was refurbished/repaired by an authorized service dealer and thus cannot technically be sold as "new."
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it says "This is a manufacturer refurbished item." 2 lines down from "Add to Cart"
yea B stock is a good way to get a guitar if your short on money but theres nothing wrong eletronic wise plus its slightly more unique then other a stock guitars
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My Michael Kelly Hybrid is a B stock and I have yet to find the blemish.
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B stock guitar may have a few flaws in craftsmanship. it could be the finish, electronics or whatever. it could also mean the wood is not as good as the other guitars which are not labeled as B stock.
lol it says "$329.00 was $329.99"

Thats one massive b-stock saving. You might aswell buy the thing new.
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Yeah the "damage" shouldn't be great.its probably some blemish in the paint.
Doubt its something serious like a broken headstock/neck.
Go for it don't they sell those for 500$ now?
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i suggest getting those not in the B stock division. it's just a samll price change and you'll get better craftsmanship.
they just took off 99 cents off the price.
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Yeah, not worth it. You often see price drops of around a $100 for b-stock
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I gotta factory second Epi Uptra and am real happy with it. Just a cosmetic thing with it, not anything to even bother me. Some stain on the back of the neck was not right. Big deal.

I would not want a refurbished or used one tho. Do not know if the structure of the thing is off.