At the sec im using a good LP copy by vintage and im playing more metal now.

How much would it cost and is it possible to instal a:
Floyd rose bridge
Emg pickups

Much apprecated!
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floyd might be more trouble than its worth, lots of routing thats really easy to mess up
the actual unit will run you upwards of $150 from what iremember
installation....well find someone who'll do it and ask em, most places ive talked to wont even consider it.

emgs....same thing but actives installation runs about $120 around here (central CA)
plus the cost of the actual pickups

kill switch $50 tops id say

if you were near Fresno CA id do it all for $250 :P
EMGs are about 200 bucks a set. Dont know on install never payed anybody to do it before. Figure 50 bucks maybe more. As for a FR there have been a bunch of the same threads. Its 150 or more for a good FR plus 200 or more to get it installed if you can find a shop to do it. And you would need a locking nut put in to. Way better off to just find a guitar with this stuff already in it.
floyd rose wont really be do able on a guitar if it bhas a neck angle kill switch wont cost much though
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