Sorry for the double post...

i was just browsing eBay, and come across this, a 7-String Epiphone Les Paul, now i've never heard of this, is this legit... or a copy?

Now I don't even have to look at it. They did make Epi 7 strings for a while, they didn't make a lot but I have seen a few. I think you're better off going with an Ibanez or a Schecter if you're going to buy a 7 string though.
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It is legit but it is completely bollocks
Needless to say they didn't make that many of them,do not get it for the love of all things guitar,just don't
Schecter would be the ideal option for 7-string I think,top quality at pretty affordable prices compared to others
Yup, that's right.

They were made in 2000-2002 (or about then) I believe.

They stopped after that, not very rare, but again, not very common.

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just look at the pictures.

it says epiphone on the headstock, it has an epi quality seal on the back of the headstock.

so it shouldn't be a fake. i never saw that guitar before, though.
Les Pauls are classic instruments - you can't go adding on strings willy-nilly
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