Hi, i made a post about whether FX boards and amps before and i got my awnser. Now i have just found out that its a Fender bass amp (Rumble 15 i think) So i am wondering now will i still be able to use a Electric guitar and a FX board on it or is it specificaly for bass?

Thank you for taking the time to read this.
you can play a guitar and guitar FX through a bass amp but it wont sound the best that's all
Get off this damn forum and play your damn guitar.
No, you just won't get any overdrive out of it, it will be all cleans all the time.. and the cleans on a cheap bass amp will probably sound better then the cleans on a cheap guitar amp actually, so good for you if you're just going to buy a distortion or od pedal in front of it anyway. You can also just turn down the bass a bit to make it less bassy and it should sound fine clean, give that eq a try.
Thanks for that m8, yeah I already have a distortion pedal (Some where around this room...) and i'm getting a multi effects pedal. And yeah the clean channel on this bass is better than the crappy GA-10 I got off a mate a few years back. Thanks for both your help Stevo and Dullsilver.