Like the title suggests what is the worst thing about your favorite restaurant.
But let's do it about fast food restaurants.

My favorite is In-N-Out, but I hate the fact that there are very few In-N-Outs.
I hate that the waiters like to spit in my food.
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My favorite is Red Lobster, and I hate the fact that its actually expensive lol. My other favorites are all privately owned, so I hate that there is only one of them a piece.
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It's too damn small
Hull City A.F.C

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Hard Rock Cafe - Full of cool people, but there ARE also a bunch of "faggy" people who work there and turn the radio to a pop station or something. It's called the HARD ROCK cafe for a reason, I don't wanna go there and listen to pop or rap.
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Waitresses are not topless.

Hahah u win
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Unfortunately it's a "bring your own wine" and I always forget
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Ryan's Buffet and Bakery.

You can buy 246242422 steaks for five dollars, but each are the size of a slice of ham. Also, I'm sure the chef is the giant black dude from The Green Mile.
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Once my friend told me they always went to a kebab place. Then it was closed down 'cause they were using cat meat. mmm tasty hahahah
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Fog City - Service is a little on the slow side, But I'd die for one of their Clubhouse Sandwiches
Pi - Costs Loot (Is also owned by my Friend's dad, who won't give us a break)
McDonalds - Doesn't deliver

I think that's about it
Qdoba Mexican Grill- (You may know it as a counterpart to Panchero's, Chipotle, or Moe's, the difference is that Panchero's, Chipotle, and Moe's all suck and you're just plain wrong if you disagree.)

Qdoba has some of the best combinations of food, and everything is top notch, except that they ALWAYS overcook their meat. I like my steaks grazing in a field somewhere, so that might explain it, but the meat there is always way too well-done for my taste.
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Chipotle won't bring me a burrito. I mean, they do have the tastiest burritos ever, but they're asking a lot of me when they demand I put pants on to eat.
There's a place called The Tall Ships near me, and although it's really good food, it's REALLY expensive....
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Chipotle won't bring me a burrito. I mean, they do have the tastiest burritos ever, but they're asking a lot of me when they demand I put pants on to eat.

Yeah its like, if I wanted to get all gussied up I'd go to a wedding or something.
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It's in France.
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There's a restaurant 5 minutes walk from where I live. The meals are huge, and you get two of them for just £10.


Then again, I usually go for the rump steak anyway, but it's nice to have a mixed grill every so often.
The lemonade tastes kind of weird. I don't know if its some kind of weird vegan lemonade or whatever but its not that nice.

I still order it of course.
Al Baik. The best fried chicken eeevvvverrrrr They only have branches in Saudi Arabia though, so I have to smuggle the stuff
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The New Inn

Great great great carvery in west ealing, west london, its cheap, its near, and they give you a plate full of food!

the drinks cost a bloody fortune though and theyre always otu of there nicee desserts
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Im a big fan of Italian food, but in my favourite restaurant (its authentic, owned and run by an Italian family), the people seem very false... They really overenthusiastic. The last thing i want when im enjoying a meal is unbelievably annoying boisterus bastards right up in your grill, interrupting what would otherwise be a good meal.
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lololololol that was epic andyd93. you just made my day

I can't afford it....Thats what i get for liking a restaurant named L'epicurio
Sonic, it's about an hour away, but i always see commercials for it and it makes me want it, but unless i want to drive for an hour to eat, i just have to stick with my cravings and savor it when i can.