This classical piece was given to me a couple of weeks ago by my bass teacher, and I've felt an immense improvement in my playing, practicing this every day, so I thought I'd let you all know if you didn't already.

All 16th notes, speed it up bit by bit.

To anyone that can already play it, can you play it under 2 minutes? I'm on about 3 and a half minutes with it still sounding good.
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This is the piece I played for my berklee audition.

It's far more common, (and much easier) to see in Cmaj instead of Gmaj. It makes it easier to play, and allows you to follow the actual flow of the piece without altering the octaves. Since the cello has a bigger range tonaly it can play it properly in Gmaj where as a Bass needs to play it in Cmaj to do it properly.

looks like a bitch
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looks like a bitch

That's what I thought, but I'm a sucker for classical pieces on bass, so I might give it a go
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Bach is nothing short of brilliant for bass. Josquin De Pres has a whole book out called "Bach for Bass".

If you can read sheet music--most cello music (with the exceptions that elemenohpee mentions regarding the range of cello vs bass) can work well on a bass.
That looks like a lot of fun. I've never really had problems with finger strength, I guess ambidexterity has it's fringe benefits. But yeah I'll start working on tackling that one as soon as I go get some new strings.
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