It's in my profile and it's the only track that I have up right now. please let me know what you think before I go and record the lyrics on it and waste my time. There's quite a bit of sweeps and such.
crazy good, i love whatever you used to record it too, but it sounds like a fun song, not mellow but up beat
It's really good. I couldn't really place where the verses/choruses were in it, and if I heard it not knowing you were still working on it, I'd say it's a great instrumental. Good work!
That was a pretty good listen.

Make sure you post the lyrics in S&L and Pm me, love to check them out as well.

Hey is anyone willing to write me some lyrics for this song? I don't really talk to my singer anymore. He's preoccupied with other stuff lately, his dad used to drum for Jimmy Buffet so he's moved on to bigger things... I could use someone who can write up lyrics and sing for the recording, hopefully someone good. Im a guitarist and song writer, but not an avid singer.