Dusted of my 10 year old Marshall Valvestae 8040, and discovered a smller problem with it. When i use the drivechannel and turn my volumeknob from 0% to ~10% the output volume is very low, and when it gets pass a certain position (around 11%) the volume gets clearly louder, the volume doesnt increase smoothly, if you know what i mean.
The area of volume that i cant get is ideal for playing when i dont want to disturb anyone in the house, so at the moment i can either play with very high or very low volume.

What can cause this issue? Something i can do? Swap some electronics?
Gear: ESP Horizon
i have a one of those trans tube amps and it dose that but only on the clean channel (the one i hardly ever use) so it might be something has got behind the nob and creating a lose connection or something btu don't quote me on that lol
I'll do that. Next problem is to open the amp to get to the electronics, cant really find screws ._.
Gear: ESP Horizon
Yep contact cleaner.
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