Hey. I've been working on a guitar for about a year, and it's just not my thing I guess. I'm selling the entire package for $200.00 SHIPPED. If you want it let me know.

Its a Squier Fat Strat body w/ a Dimarzio Pro Tracks single coil hum cancelling pickup in the neck, an empty spot in the middle, and a Seymour Duncan Invader humbucker in the bridge. These have been in about a month and are LIKE NEW. Has a 3-Way switch in it right now, with a red pick guard.
Also included are BRAND NEW not yet installed Ping Machine Heads, the original 2 single coil pickups, the original humbucker, a chrome pickguard, 3 chrome knobs, and the original 5-way switch.

All this for $200.00 because I don't want to put anymore money into this, and just can't seem to get stuff right.
If you can't get the right sound out of it, you have about $300.00 worth of pickups and hardware to sell or use for your own.

Leave your email or PM me for pics as I'm not computer savy enough to put them in here. Thanks.
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Try the classifieds forum, that's where people looking for gear go. Also, are you sure you wanna quit? I bet the knowledgable folks on these forums could help sort out the problems in your build.
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