So im starting my new job next week so i figure i'll start saving up for my new amp...i've been playing for about six months and right now i have a dean v and and a roland cube 15 amp


So i want to know what would be the best thing to buy now i was thinking about buying this fender amp since i played it at a local shop and liked it


Now im starting to think about saving up and buying a bigger amp like a marshall or somthing like that. If it helps any i play (or try to) alot of pantera, metallica, alice in chains, and a7x. so if u have any advice on what would be better im open to suggestions should i go big and expensive right off or buy a smaller amp and work my way up to it
First off, that amp is no better than what you have, some might even say the cube is better - if only because of the price. For the amount of money the g-dec costs you could almost buy something like a Valveking. What you should search is a budget tube amp, if you can get approximately $400 your best option is probably the valveking.

Rereading your post you mention saving for a 'Marshall', if you mean the MG series then I must warn you against them, don't be fooled into brand loyalty.

You mention being new to guitar, so what are your future plans for playing? Bedroom player, jamming with friends, gigging? It would help us help you if we knew what your situation was.
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you're gonna want to save up for a bigger and better amp. which one, i'll let everyone else tell you. they know more about it than i do.
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I plan on mostly just jamming with my friends for awhile and gigging if possible sometime in the future and the only reason i mentioned marshall was just an example i don't really know that much about amps
Not being sarcastic but you should read the "stickies" about amps. There is a lot of great information that people worked hard to accumulate for just your situation. The Valveking is a good budget metal amp. $400 new or as low as $250 used.
Peavy Classic 30's can be found used for that. Palominos and the crate V series are good cxhoices as well. And the B-52 is imo one of the best budget metal amps around that can be found used for <400