Okay, i play stuff like paramore, red jumpsuit apparatus, weezer, avenged svenfold, senses fail. I need a way to get there sounds.

Im gettin a fender hot rod deluxe soon, and ive heard with tube amps its not good to use distortion pedals, but put something like a tube screamer in front of the gain channel.

So my question is, Do i put the drive up on the pedal and the amp, or just drive from the pedal or what?

And i need help picking an OD pedal, My friend recommended me the ibanez turbo tube screamer. But i have no idea seeing as ive never even overdriven an amp with a pedal.

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The ibanez ts-9 would be a great choice, as far as where your gain should be up at is a personal choice. i would have the gain on the amp prob 3/4 and the pedal 1/2
also might wanna find a boss ns-2 noise supressor for that setup