I've tried to search all over the internet for some of these things, it is for a school project in crime science (or something like that). I've got nowhere else to turn but the pit.

I need the following, all facts about the US, and if it is possible to devide everything by each state:

The unemployment rate. (I've found some info, but I would rather have it from an official government site if it exists)

How many people are homeless, or the percentage of convicts who are.

Education (Don't know really how the system works in the US, but from Wikipedia I found that about 27 % finish High School, which to me seems like way to little). That is I want to know how many people have finished elementary school and/or high school.

How many reported criminals there are, and the number of convicted criminals.

It would really be great if someone could help me out here.
Lets see.... *Www.Google.com* *Types in US unemployment rate rate*

*Types in Homeless Rate*
Almost 20 years later, homelessness is largely ignored by the mainstream press and the general public, and the numbers affected continue to grow. Over 7% of persons living in the United States have been homeless (defined as sleeping in shelters, the street, abandoned buildings, cars, or bus and train stations) at some point in their lives.[4] Homelessness rates have increased over each of the past 2 decades. An estimated 2.5 to 3.5 million people now experience homelessness each year.[5,6] Approximately half are families with children, the fastest-growing segment of the homeless population.[5,6] In 1 study,[7] youth had a 1-year rate of homelessness of at least 1 night of 7.6%.


You can do the rest.
At this moment, unemployment is at a natural percentage.
What that means is that those who want a job (and aren't physically or mentally disabled, or some other factor) should have one.
Now I've found unemployment rates for all the states i need, and the homelessness rate for every state but New York and Virginia.

I still need to know how many reported criminals there are. I've found something here;


but they list different types of crime, not the total number, and also every state is divided in smaller countys (is it?).

The states i need are Michigan, Maine, Minnesota, New York, Connecticut, Texas and Virginia. Any futher help would be very appreciated.