I'm going to Los Angeles this summer at the beginning of August for a week to visit the Los Angeles Recording School, as well as to see what it would be like to live in the area.

I've never flown before. Obviously the sooner I buy the tickets the better, but when is the latest you guys would recommend waiting to get them? I'd like to buy them at the end of this week, but I'm waiting for my friend to throw in.

Right now I'm finding round trip tickets everywhere I look for $400. Do the rates like spike once June rolls around?
...because the last thing the world needs is another metal guitarist.


My band.

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Pretty much. Especially in this time of year.
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how much is 15,000 PHP? I didn't know they played guitar in the Phillipines. I thought they played ukelele or something.

Because, of course, we're too far away from places with guitars and all that stuff so we play ukelele...
This time of year is absolutely horrible to buy tickets, because of all the vacationing going on with the start of summer, and the 4th of July.
You've never flown before? Don't be surprised when you get ****ed by the airline industry.
Do it as soon as possible.

Not only will the vacation spikes rape you, but they are going to also have to raise prices more to compensate for the rising fuel prices.