So I want to learn the G minor pentatonic scale, but how do I read this? How can I see what I have to play? Thanks
those are all the notes in the g minor pentatonic scale

the most common box though is the one that starts on the 3rd fret and goes to the 5th or 6th fret
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thats the fingerings for the g minor scale
read the numbers and you have the frets you need to press
its like tabs
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add that:
its just
G, Bb, C,D, F

play those notes anywhere and voila you have the g minor pentatonic scale.
if you read the lables for the notes, you can see the different variations you can play - it is rather confusing though on that site

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Those are all the notes in that scale all the way up the neck.

When learning your scales remember that at the 12th fret everything repeats so to speak.

So learn your notes from the first to 11th, then the 12th is the octave up.
you can "adjust" the scales to show just one position ... play with the controls a bit
G, Bb, C,D, F


What you should do TS, is learn the intervals to a scale. That way, you can construct it in any key and play it anywhere on the fretboard because you know how it works.

The pentatonic minor consists of a minor third, a perfect fourth, a perfect fifth and a minor seventh. You can also think of it as: 1 b3 4 5 b7.

Apply this to any key. C major for example:

1: C

b3: Eb

4: F

5: G

b7: Bb