I'm pretty new at this malarky (one week and counting) and would be grateful for some advice if you could be so kind.

Whenever I come across something like this:


ie. when I have to play 2 strings together, I can play it but have a couple of problems:

1. when I have to play for example two of the middle strings only I struggle to hit just them without hitting the surrounding ones.

2. when I have to play 2 strings together the first string I hit always to "overpower" the other and it's hardly heard.

I know both of these will come with practice but any tips would be appreciated.

its all a matter of muscle memory, how you hold your pick, angle of contact etc.... really, just practice hitting it over and over till you can do without looking and you get a balanced tone from the strings. Practice strumming both up and down on them too, that will help.

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Just Practice alot, and play from your wrist, dont move your whole arm but only your wrist, It will make you very accurate and will give you the feeling youll need when you have to play only on 2 strings, instead of 6, You can also mute the other strings with your finger,

For example if I need to make a Powerchord on the A string, I mute the E string with my pointing Finger, so that one doesnt make a sound!

I hope you can use it, Dont know how to explain it better in English lol!

GL and keep practicing, thats the best tip I can give you!