Ok so, I have to do a project for science class, I have to build something, anything. I was thinking of building a miniature, low wattage, very simple and cheap in material tube amp (probably a mini-head or combo). I will have to makethe chassis with wood, and if needed, I can steal some pieces from my old practice amp (but this one is SS).

The only problem is that I don't really know how to do it, I will probably need some guide. What are the material I will need to build it ? What steps should I follow ? And, do I have to take precautions while making it ?

Remember : I want to make it the simplest as possible.
My advice to you is read up on some valve theory. Here's a good place to start: http://www.valvewizard.co.uk/ check out the "triode gain stage" especially. Contains a lot of basics that are really great to know.

Here's a site where you can find schematics: http://schematicheaven.com/index_HTML.htm
altough most are very complex, it can give you an idea how to build these things.

Also check the Valve Jr. thread on this forum for some info/idea how a smaller and less complex valve amp is built.
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Alright, so it's science class, I'm guessing you're in something like grade/year 10 I seriously doubt you need anything too in depth. I really wouldn't recommend a tube amp as a first build, not only can they be dangerous, they can also be exceedingly easy to screw up. It'd be much easier to build something like a low wattage solid state amplifier

Something like the ruby is easily built and the explanation is only as in depth as you make it. You could get into finer details of op-amp performance and the shaping of capacitors and resistors - the possibilities are numerous.

This is all of course personal opinion.

If you're set on a tube amp, then the tube cricket is your easiest option
tube cricket