It'd get something a bit more substantial.

Look into a ABS case. Theyre solid but bulky.

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Cant find a whole lot of info on it except for looks (i dont like the looks of it but that is personal off course) it looks more decent then the first one you posted.
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a Fender Hardshell would be best. a Fender Tweed would be better looking. but the case you posted, should do fine for general purpose use. SKB rules the aftermarket case world, btw.

Edit: just for the record, my Hwy 1 rides around in a Gator, soft-side case.
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i have a coffin case...COZ IM HARDCORE
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does anyone know where I can get a case for a thunderbird that diesnt cost upwards of £70
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I use a Hiscox case for my Stingray, they're made in England so I don't know how available they are elsewhere
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i have a coffin case...COZ IM HARDCORE

im tempted to got one myself.
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