im sure this is the 33849384th post like this, but i need some guidance. iv been playing guitar for about a year now, but really only learning riffs and stuff, which to me sounded like a good starting point (i learned technique, and hearing myself play real riffs really kept me inspired to learn more). i kno most of the basics about a guitar and theory, and now im looking for some good lessons thru books, dvds, youtube (i cant afford a tutor), etc., so i can possibly start writing my own stuff.

i play mostly rock. anything would be helpful. thanks a bunch
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I know I am unpopular in suggesting that, but you really should try to find a teacher. The problem with lessons on the net is that they lack a specific big plan targeted to your needs.
If you can not afford private lessons, try to find someone that gives correspondence lessons.
I agree. you can do it both ways, teach yourself and take the lessons from a correspondence teacher. It is a growing way of learning. There are now several people on the net teaching this way.
lessons help massively
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