So, as i once posted before, there is a big lack of drummers around me. And the only one i found that wasnt in a band is such an idiot that he cant even show up ONCE! So, i pretty much gave up on forming my own band.
But there is still hope! One of my friends already has a band. And it gets better. He`s the only guitarist in the band, and also the singer. And to be honest, he prettymuch sounds like **** when soloing (maybe because his guitar is set so low, that he almost hits the floor with the damn thing). The only problem is that they have been playing together for some time (about 2 years, if im correct), and because of his awful solos they mostly play punk, (but that seems to be too fast for the drummer, so he screws up almost every song) wich is not exacly my preferance.
So pit, how can i get myself to play with them, and maybe slip in some more hard rock/heavy metal type of songs? I have ocasionaly jamed with one or two members, so they are aware of my "awsome" guitar skillz, but i have never played with all of them.

So pit, help?
Joža je kul. On ma sirove z dodatki pa hambije.
Try and get them to allow you to jam with all the band, then show off your 'awsome guitar skillz' and hope they are like "wow can you be in the band".

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Check out the bandleading forum dude. You're not going to get a serious response in the pit.
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Check out the bandleading forum dude. You're not going to get a serious response in the pit.

I thought my response was pretty serious
Read the first four words of the title of this thread, and just think about it for a second...
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Not rape, Surprise butt secks! <lol that's blocked
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Not rape, Surprise butt secks! <lol that's blocked

haha: Isn't that like the same thing or am I missing out on something?

*is it the- shout suprise its not rape rule??*

anyways, try to be patient... maybe ask the drummer if he wants to jam and join your band? I myself play in two bands, it's not that bad (and after some time I may drop one of them)
rape them and kill their families. they will HAVE to let you in the band.

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well i guse im gonna try jaming with them. if that doesnt work, rape seeems to be the next best thing.
Joža je kul. On ma sirove z dodatki pa hambije.
Join the band and tell the drummer to practice. Its better than no band!

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Jamming is the next best thing, rap is plan A.
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