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what scales does he play in and what theory does he know specifically

he plays more than 1 scale, and you would really have to ask him to know what theory he knows.

TIP: learning what scales he uses, and knowing what he knows theory wise won't make you play like him.

Learn scales and theory, but if you want to play like him you will have to learn how to play his music. It's probably not the best place to start for a beginner.
He mostley uses the phygian mode, diminished 7th arpeggios and the harmonic minor scales
is it realy that good THESVH

and he used melodic, harmonic and natural minor allot, phrygian sometimes and diminished runs, but that wont make you sound like Malmsteen, you must have near perfect technique and malmsteens tone is only beatable by Eric Johnsons so good luck getting that

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For the record, Malmsteen doesn't use melodic minor scale often, if at all. His playing is almost entirely based around the harmonic minor scale, the phrygian mode, and diminished arpeggios.
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Hence the DVD..twill clear up any misconceptions and it really is quite good!

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phrygian, phrygian dominant, aeolian, and harmonic minor, from what i know he uses
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I just read an interview with him in Guitar World where he said that he used the Aeolian Mode (Natural minor), Phrygian, Harmonic minor, and the Phrygian Dominant Scale, as well as Diminished seven arpeggios the most in his music.
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