I usually play my Epiphone Valve Junior at slightly less than a quarter of its volume while running a Boss DS-1 into it and I'm pretty happy with its sound. However, whenever I turn it up a lot higher the distortion just seems a lot weaker and watered down, and there is also a great deal of 'noise' so my playing seems a lot less tight and defined than before. I can't really think of a reasonable explanation for it so is it just my amp can't cope with high volume that well or something else?
im guessing its just your amp cant cope with the high volume, thats what happens normally on small amps.
yea ive got the same problem, its why im saving up for a new amp, smaller ones arent meant to be played loud. until i start doing shows im happy with my peavy 112 =]
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OK, that's somewhat encouraging. I always thought it didn't make that much sense because when I turn my amp's volume up with the DS-1 off the sound becomes more overdriven. You would think that adding distortion to this more overdriven sound would equal more distortion than when the amp is at lower volume, not less.