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As you guys probably know BB King is touring. Or is on the tail end of that said tour. I don't know, I don't pay attention. Anyways, I went to see him and it was good. I liked the guy who opened for him, really awesome. I liked the show, but BB talked a bit too much. I learned a lot, and I'll cut him some slack, he IS 82. It was good overall, BB has such a heavenly tone.

Anyone seen the King live? Thoughts? Experiences?
I saw him live once, I think it was almost a year ago. Etha James opened and I thought she was hilarious, Al Green went on next and I contemplated leaving because he sucked so much, I honestly couldn't stand him and he played such a long set. Fortunately B.B. came on eventualy, and he does talk alot but that's just part of the B.B. King experiance. I would have been disapointed if he didn't talk "too much"....
Dude - the talking is what BB and the old style bluesers are all about! They draw you in, tell you stories - they entertain. And they play some ****ing beautiful guitar!
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I saw him back in August. It was the best concert I've ever been to. And he's a funny guy.

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BB can tell amazing stories.

He's as much of a storyteller as he is a guitar player

I wanna go see him, badly!
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I am just waiting for him to get to perth before it's too late.
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I'd love to see him, but apparently his tour in 2005 was his last ever in the UK. Which is a huge shame.
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Lemme rephrase...
Talked a lot but it was good stuff. Good life lessons. Plus, he's hilarious!

Yeah it was great. I wasn't sure if I was at a concert or a comedy show.

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