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Orange tt
9 35%
marshall jcm 800
17 65%
Voters: 26.
Orange tiny terror or marshall jcm 800? I played a 2203 this weekend and fell in love, but i dont want 100/50 watts or 1000$ price tag

Music styles: rock, classic rock, hard rock (metallia ish stuff) blues, worship. i dont intened to play anything heaveir than metallica, and the Jcm 800 2203 seemed to do them perfect imo.
Hmm, they are probably close in gain. Some might say the TT is better but I have never played one. However, I really like the sound. You could go for a ceriatone clone, heard nothing but good things. Less expensive too. The remaining money could be spent on an attenuator (sp?)
When i tried the Tiny Terror without a boost i didnt think it had that much gain. So if you get the TT i would recommend a quality boost.
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One of those 18 watt ceriatone amps would probably suit ya fine.
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