ok ive been guitar for about 5-6 years now and i can shred, sweep, hammer, tap.

i can do other things but i may not know the name of them.

could you people give me the name of some similar guitar techniques? id like to learn more techniques.

sorry if this has been asked before.

yh but id like to have some names of different techniques such as legato, tapping, sweeping, shredding etc...

any suggestions?
finger picking
hybrid picking
economy picking(you can probably already do it just dont know it)
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Hammering isn't that hard. Why don't you look into sweep tapping, and 8 finger tapping.

i know this kind of stuff in fact i know alot of thing but dont know most of their names lol if u sayem i recognisem.

EDIT: WOW i just tried sweeping (properly) and i managed!! i mean i used it before but never as a technique during prctice! so now i kno how to sweep shred and tap .
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I just checked out your myspace. Do those 3 songs portray your skills right now? If so, I seriously doubt you can 8- finger tap.
no they are just demos of songs my bands working on, im currently workin on the solos but about the 8 finger tapping, i dont know wat it is yet alone do it lol, btw im not saying i can do 8-finger tapping i sed i know it, im currently lookin for techniques for me to learn so i can improve technically (anyway our band doesnt play very complicated stuff in the intro and riffs, it gets better during solos and anyway not all songs that are hard are necessarily good)