ok. im familiar with cubase le but am new to cubase le 4. it seems like a comletely new program. im running a presonus firestudio interface into my laptop and have 2 m-audio b-series monitors.

i am having a few problems that i cant seem to work out. first off, before i installed cubase the monitors worked fine. i was using windows media player to play a few songs to test them out and it sounded great. after i installed cubase when i try to play something through media player it will play a few seconds and then stop. it's not freezing, it just seems to stop playing and i cant figure out why.

another problem im having is that when i record it doesn't seem to be recording in stereo. this happened with cubase le as well but i was able to fix it. like i said, cubase le 4 is a complete mystery to me and i can't figure out how to get it to record in stereo.

my third and final problem is that i was hoping to plug my pod xt live into the firestudio and use the monitors to hear what im playing without having to use headphones or actually use my amp(i live in an apt and my neighbors aren't too understanding). well, when i turn the monitoring on on cubase le 4 it doesn't play through my monitors, it plays through my on board laptop speakers AND there is about 4 seconds of latency.

i know it's a long list but any help would be appreciated
Can't remember exactly where the option is off the top of my head but... you need to goto Edit Preferences or VST Device Setup(forget which one) One of the last options will be VST Multitrack device or something like that. Go there, and choose your firestudio's ASIO driver instead of the Multimedia ASIO driver which is the default