ok so ive been playing about a year now.
most of that time period is just messing around with songs i knew and other tabs.
i really want to get serious now.
and what i have learned out of that time period is like all out of place.
i know my basic chords and what not.
but i know very little about scales,theory,etc.
i guess to sum it up in a question of what im trying to ask is..

1.theres so much stuff to learn and i look at other successful guitarists and wonder how did they learn it?which leads me to ask..whats my starting point?i really love playing guitar and want to be a successful musician but i have no idea where to start.
does anyone know a really good starting point for me to start at?
UG has a lessons section which is worth looking at. Actual guitar lessons are always good. If you can, try checking out a book or two (I can't suggest any though, sorry.). Practice tougher songs, and after you get them down, learn the theory behind them, so you can get the idea of how it's done. Good luck!
As a starting point you should learn major & minor scales in all keys (i.e. learn them in one key and then learn how to transpose them), and how these scales fit the chords in a particular key. then you should do the same with modes.

I think you have to choice:
1) fish around the net until you find something on that (I've never found it) or
2) find a good teacher (with good I mean a teacher that actually cares about what you want to learn, i.e. your goals).

I strongly recommend option 2.
figure out what you want out of your music first then if theres stuff you want that you dont know about learn it