hey everyone i went to my local guitar store today to take a look at guitars b/c im in the market fora new guitar. i play all kinds of rock, hendrix, zeppelin, i try to play that speed metal stuff like paul gilbert. so iv rounded it down to several guitars. they are;

Jackson DK2M eerie dess swirl
Ibanez AWD-102 semi hollow blond color
esp/ltd mh-1000 blue quilt, w/ trem and emgs
esp/ltd mh-1000 brownish quilt, hardtail w/ seymour duncans
esp/lt H-1000 sunburst
schecter c-1 exotic

i really like the maple neck on the jackson and the ibanez semi hollow is pretty sick but then again the finish and binding on the neck on the mh-1000s are extremely nice. the schecter has coil tappin which is a plus. i dont really like the emgs on the trem one so i think that one is off the list. i also like the sculpted neck joints on the ltds but i have no experience with any of theses guitars. my last gutiar was a mexican strat.

so if anyone could give me some input on which guitar i should go for i would really appreciate it. thanks
if you want a more metalish sound get the Jackson or Schecter
theyre really nice for shred but not very versatile
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The jackson is very nice, it will nail speed metal but im not sure how it will handle hendrix type of stuff, but i guess that depends on what amp you run it through.
If the EC-1000 has the Seymour Duncan pickups it may be the most versatile of the group you are looking at, especially if you are looking anything from Hendrix to Paul Gilbert.

Have you played all of these guitars? It will come down to which one sounds right for you and you feel most comfortable playing.
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yea i play through a podxt either into a roland amp or headphones. ive played all of them for a very short time. i was in a rush today. tmrw im going back to make a decision. i cant really play that speed metal stuff. i like it though. not the death metal stuff tho. im more of a classic rock kinda guy. but i do want to learn some metal a la paul gilbert type stuff.

has anyone every played the ibanez semi hollow one i mentioned. it looks great but i heard the pickups in it(super 58) are crap.