If we played a heavy metal version of the Imperial March from star wars, would we sound like nerds?
Or is that just a bad idea?


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A few metal bands have done that......
WHY can't I think of any??
Actually I think Nine inch Nails did Imperial March, Im not sure...

EDIT: I actually used the searchbar( ) and searched tabs for Imperial March and I guess Metallica has their own version of it.
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it might sound cool just dont try any screaming or anything
a neoclassical shred/metal version would probably sound cool
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Oh man I'm well and truely on the point of no return then

I think it would be cool, and besides being in a band is about making the music you want to not the music other people want. I understand if you're in middle/highschool though, too much "OMG he did not just do that!"
yeah as long as it's not like 5 minutes long without any solo, i'd say you're in business
It could be a pretty cool intro to a song aswell.
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My band did the Halo theme...hardcore metal style.
And people liked it.
Call me Jeff if you want, I prefer that.
As long as you do it well it'll be good.
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