ok guys, little background. i've been playing 'round 2 1/2 years, i play mostly more on the rock side of the spectrum- coheed and cambria, fallout boy, weezer, killswitch engage.

i've got some pretty good dexterity, as far as fingerpicking goes, i can hold my own pretty well...so i was wondering, to get serious at fingerstyle, where do i start? i should probably invest in a couple thumbpicks right?

also: insight on your favorite fingerstyle guitarists? right now i'm listening to alot of the candyrat guys...antoine dufour is a beast
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Go with plectrums if you're interested. I usually fingerstyle au natural, but that's just my preference. Tommy Emmanuel can kick my ass 27 different ways with a plectrum

I started out on basic stuff: Blackbird (Beatles), Spanish Romance, basic flamenco techniques, classical songs (IE; Bouree in Em by Bach or Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven), things of that nature.

As fingerstyle guitar goes, Candyrat has a ton of cool artists. Also check out Tommy Emmanuel, Segovia stuff, and John Clarke. Oh, and Rodrigo y Gabriella. Her right hand is downright amazing
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Check out Chet Atkins, Google his name and there is a website where you can listen to most of his albums for free, I recommend the album solo flights. Also check out Tim Thompson on Youtube, he does some really great stuff, he plays using a thumb pick and fake nails.