I've got dual EMG 81's in my ESP LTD Kirk Hammett Signature (the $1000 version) and i've been thinking about switching to seymour duncans, any thoughts on which ones i should buy? i play metal, as you can probably guess by the guitar.
Seymour Duncan Blackouts... pretty much the same as EMG though. Do you want passive pickups? You know that changing pickups won't alter your sound that much? An amp will though, so what amp do you have?
i do know that, but i'm thinking of going one passive, one active. see, the thing is that i have two emg 81's in this guitar, so i basically get no variation, i'd love to have a SD and an EMG in there, like a passive SD being with my switch upwards, and an EMG downwards, that'd be cool.
One of the best setups is the JB and the 59', Seymour Duncans. They are very popular and are reasonably priced. They can cut through with plenty of treble, but they can act as mega bass and mid ranged blasters as well. They also sound nice clean.
yeah, i'd say experiment with the passive.

btw, you can't have one active and one passive pup, unless the passive has some sort of boost circuit on it. defeating the purpose imo.

many like the JB and 59, i also like the JB and Pearly Gates. check out seymour duncan's website for details on how hot they are wired, for your genre.
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