For what style? There's a million of them, and I think people will go for the usual ESP LTD Copies.
PRS SE Singlecut, Ibanez ART300. that's all i can think of off the top of my head.

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ESP LTD EC-1000 With Seymour Duncan pickups
Epiphone LP Custom Or Standard
Michael Kelly Patriots I heard are pretty good

I dont know, I use a Les Paul but I dont really like it so I haven't researched it very well.
Agile AL3000/3100, Epi LP Standard (it's pretty good, don't believe the bashers), and of course: ESP LTD EC-1000.
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Can you really get an EC-1000 for under $1000? They get on for £750 here! I'd have though the EC-500 / EC-400AT series would fit under that price range better. If we're talking LTDs obviously. But yes, others people have mentioned such as the PRS SE Singlecut, Hagstrom Super Swede and the good Epi Les Pauls would suit that price range I'd have thought.
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