I'm in the market now for an acoustic (or possibly an acoustic-electric) that plays nicely and of course sounds great. I looking to spend no more than $600.
I tried out a Taylor 110e the other day and really liked it. The only thing that stopped me from buying it was that they had only one in stock and someone bought it after I put it down to try out other guitars.
Shiny metallic purple armor.
I use to have the 110 w/out the pickup and I liked it a lot, you can go used and get a better taylor model easily though
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why dont you just ask them to order another one if you really like it
id wait till you tried some others though
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For $600 you can do a lot better than a low-end Taylor. You can find an Epiphone Masterbilt xx-500 or Blueridge 140/143, which are all-solid options. Also, look up Seagull S6 or Coastline, which are about the only non-solid guitars I would recommend at the moment.
Try yamaha acoustic electric solid top
600 bucks is tough enough to buy a good acoustic at yamaha,
and try the AW models of Ibanez acoustic

AW40ECE will do.

and as they say, seagull can do aswell...