Just finished the base of my new pedalboard. Need a bit more wood to make a matching top for it. Covered the plywood with speaker carpeting, which works decently well as velcro for some of the pedals. Purchased everything except the wood from tchweb.

Finally, I have something that's NOT a slab of plywood. It's also nice to have the pedal power supply hidden underneath the raised section. Leaves me more room for more pedals.

Don't know why I put this off for so long.
nice! good job, basic, and i like it!
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Good job. All I can say that's negative: the pedals look a bit disorganized.
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nice... and not plywood!!!!!
the power supply location was a good idea to
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They stopped asking
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Good job. All I can say that's negative: the pedals look a bit disorganized.

Until I get a 5 foot long right angle to right angle cable, the delay and flanger pedals are stuck sideways like that. The output of from the delay was hanging out over the wah pedal, which is why I temporarily put them sideways like that. And the NS2 has to be angled like that so I can plug my violin into its input.

Thanks for the feedback