A new tubescreamer switch. the one it came with is busted so i have to manually turn it on with my hands from the inside.

P.s. im talking about the electronic switch on the inside. It only switches on if you switch it from a correct angle.

thanks in advance
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I'm pretty sure you can buy that kind of stuff off StewMac. Is it the kind that has the standard circular button, or does it have the square shaped one?

EDIT: nevermind, it has a square one, and you're talking about the part inside the guitar. I'm not sure, then. Are you sure it's the switch and not the wiring?

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its a square one. i cant get it at like a radioshack?
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I haven't seen those anywhere. You might want to just make it true bypass and use one of the small circular footswitches, Keeley-mod style.