Hey guys...

again one of the "list your favorite singers" threads.... as a lot of people seem to have identical views, I wanted to throw in my 2 cents...(which maybe differ to the common view)...

The ten best for me: (i love all of them - they are the type of talents: "don't necessarily need a band...it's my voice selling the CDs" )

1. Ed Kowalczyk (Live)
2. Amos Lee
3. Eliot Sloan (Blessid Union Of Souls)
4. Myles Kennedy (Alter Bridge, Mayfield Four)
5. Chris Robinson (Black Crowes)
6. Jeff Buckley
7. Paul Rodgers (Free, Bad Company)
8. Bon Jovi
9. Steven Tyler (Aerosmith)
10. Brent Carter (for example Tower of Power)

what do you think?
1. Ozzy Osbourne (black sabbath/solo)
2. Ronnie James Dio (rainbow/black sabbath/dio)
3. Brian Johson (AC/DC)
4. Bruce Dickenson (Iron Maiden)
5. Robert Plant (Led Zeppelin)
6. Axl Rose (Guns N' Roes)
7. James Hetfield (Metallica)
8. Roger Waters (Pink Floyd)
9. Kevin DuBrow (Quiet Riot)
10. Alice Cooper
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