o00050854 it is an epiphone. I would like to know the country it was made in and the year it was made. Thx for the help in advance.
God dammit. Your guitar has AIDS. There isn't a lot you can do. I suggest giving it a happy life, before it becomes terminated.
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i think hes serious...

Why are you being a funny guy in this instruments time of need? I think you should change your username to KrewlChristian you inconsiderate jerk. The serial number o00050854 stands for something, I can prove it. o000 is the noise it will make when it dies. 5:08 is the time it will die, obviously PM. 54 stands for the fifth month and fourth day. May 04. This Epi has one year to live. Make your memories now, because one day she won't be there anymore.
May 8th, 1954?

thats just my guess, lol