Hey I'm new here, and I just got this guitar. I'm a beginner and I have no idea how my guitar works (all I really know is where to plug in to the amp).

I bought this guitar off a friend for $100 who bought it off a friend as well...lmao

Any info you guys could give on the origin of this guitar (such as year of origin, pick-ups, neck, material? lmao) would suffice...Thanks a lot.

*I hope this was the right place to post this...:

All I know is the following:

Ibanez Ex Series (to my understanding it is pretty old? I'm not even sure)
Made in Korea
Volume/Tune knobs...lol

Any info would be greatly appreciated, thanks
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It looks like an older model, and from what I hear they are very nice.

Of course I'm either 100% correct or completely wrong, haha
Aha, I was right! =D

Ibanez ex's were the Rg of 1990. They had many lower end good quality ones and some expensive ones.

So basically...you got yourself a pretty good deal. It's discontinued, I'd fix it up a bit,
Yeah? Thanks a lot man lmao

What about it would you fix up/upgrade (and according to what kinda style of music would you base your changes upon?)
Well, I'd do an overall clean up. There looks to be a little rust by the pickups.

But I would put some EMG pickups in them, it would be a good investment since the guitar could last you a while.

Also changing the tuning pegs is a pain, but it might have to be done. I'd check how well the guitar stays in tune.

Emg pickups are a heavy rock and metal pickup. If you're into punk or something else, I cant help you there.
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lol thanks a lot man you're being very helpful, just that i was aiming to a more softer sound ya know, looks as if emg pickups would go to the opposite way as to where I am aiming to get it to sound to ya know, but other than that what you say makes sense

any other info would be appreciated, maybe someone could go more specific into it? anything would be helpful
when you break a string, bring it to a shop, and ask them to show you how to restring it. Personally, I think that kind of bridge (the place where the strings end on the body) is not good for beginners, since it is hard to restring and tune with out resetting the springs behind the large rectangular plate.
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Yeah, starting off you don't even need new pickups. A bigger priority is a good amp. Not sure how good that amp you have is, but you'd probably know if it was good or bad.
oneblackened: funny story about that, see i bought the guitar and i was messing around with the tuning system and when i took one of the locks off the 6th string broke from so much tension (the thickest one, E i believe).

Luckily it was the only string i was messing around with.

I went to sam ash and bought "Nickel Wound D'Addario Regular Light Gauge" strings and i replaced it when I got home, so now I'm scared if i did something wrong. what do you mean by "resetting the springs behind the large rectangular plate"? It seems to me that i restrung it well, it looks just like the other strings. But you obviously know more than me. Any help?

Ze_Metal: Pardon me for my stupidity (if i'm wrong), but will the amp matter that much? I mean isn't that what the pick-ups are for?

Thanks for the input guys i really appreciate it
1. If the tremolo bar is higher or lower then when you put the strings on then you need to adjust the springs. I don't know much about it because I don't bother with em.

2. The amp is more important then the guitar =]. If you have a 250 dollar guitar and a 100 dollar amp, it's going to sound very dull compared to a 250 dollar amp and a 100 dollar guitar. 90% of your tone is from the amp. Until you start spending a bunch of money on gear, then pickups get much more important.
oooh i see

but i guess since im a beginner i rather with this amp...its not that bad lol

and im still scared about screwing up my bridge...but we'll see

is there a website where theres pictures of more ex models? now im even more interested in my guitar
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Aha, I was right! =D

Ibanez ex's were the Rg of 1990. They had many lower end good quality ones and some expensive ones.

So basically...you got yourself a pretty good deal. It's discontinued, I'd fix it up a bit,

No they weren't....the RG's of the 1990s were the RG's!

The EX's were an entry level range similar to the Gios but a little better. There weren't any expensive ones, they were all pretty cheap. It could be about equivalent to todays RG350 as all the cheaper Ibanezes were made in Korea back then, they didn't start making them in Indonesia till later. It looks like an EX370...


TS, the only thing you ever want to be worrying about upgrading is the amp, the stock pickups will be more than adequate. Look to make something like a Roland Cube 30 your next purchase. Just make sure you read up on floating bridges as it's going to be a nightmare. Because it floats moving it makes every string go out of tune and until you manage to shake off beginner's heavy handedness you're going to find yourself moving it a lot!

Floyd Rose sticky...essential reading before touching the bridge or re-stringing!
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Well, I didn't mean ACTUAL Rgs. It was just a comparison. As they were both similar.

And there were expensive ones.
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Thanks a lot for all input guys....very helpful

i still dont understand spring tension that much...but i could always go to the store for that loll
$100?! Well done! Great buy
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