I've been working on this song for a while but I can't get it up to speed.
Is there any way to make the picking easier?
theres this little thing called practice, you might have heard about it /being a dick

umm play it slower until you get it perfect, do that speed for one day then bump it up a little everyday, it works for me
Just play it so slowly, that you can play with through without changing tempo. Then speeding up gradually little by little.

Just remember that imrovement does not happen in one sitting. Give it time, and stay focused with your practise...

- Fox
Read the lessons in my sig - 1 2 3. Also, bear in mind that Yngwie has been playing forty years, and practicing heavily for at least 10. You aren't going to catch up for a long time, sailor.
Im pritty sure practice makes things easier. Sorry just bustin your balls. Its a really tuff song just keep working on it. Technique and tone should never be sacrificed to play it faster though. Just work on speeds you can handle and focus on being more efficeint.
* Fretting hand fingers are close to the fretboard not lifting off 1 inch when you only need 1/2
* Picking hand doesnt move farther then it has to.
*Obviosuly you should have the most effective picking determined before praticing for speed.
* Stay relaxed play gracefully. Smooth liquid playing is faster then being tense. Dont use more pressure then you need to fret the notes cleanly. Keep the forearm loose dont tense up for speed.
* Make sure you dont get sloppy with those sweeps use your ears.

Stuff like that. If all that technique is good then just play slow and repeat over and over clean with perfect technique and you will get faster.
Thanks a Million guys! I wasn't sure if I was playing the song right.