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your speaker is not broken in?

if i where you, i wouldnt play through it until it is
Seymour Duncan, or Fender. If you're on a budget, go for a set of GFS singles (I dunno their names, look on guitarfetish) or Golden age from Stewmac.
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The golden age pickups are pretty nice. With a vintage tone. I think they are rated at 6.0k
Fralin also use formvar. They make some very high quality pickups, and you can ask them to underwind to your tastes.

Resistance is a very poor way of measuring output by the way....
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I only know of one manufacturer who actually uses formvar, and he just so happens to post round here a fair bit


Yeah, I hear that guys is pretty good

If you are really seriouse about JM tone then here are the specs you need to match

Neck 42awg formvar wound to about 6.10K
Middle 42awg formvar wound to about 6.40K
Bridge 43awg formvar wound to about 7.57K

The middle pickup sound much better if you wind it to about 6.5K with 42awg wire.
The magnets should be degaussed alnico 5 and if you are really seriouse about JM tone the pickups should be hand wound. The pickups on the JM signature strat get you close, but fender does cut some corners such as not degaussing the magnets enough and not hand winding.
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DC resistance isn't a measure of a pickups output, nor does it directly correlate to the output.
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Thanks, are you sure the output is that high? I heard John underwinds his by a bit...and I prefer Alnico III's for the smoother sound, not that V's are bad or anything

I took the measurments myself from a set of big dipper pickups that somebody sent in wanting pickups that actually sound like JM.

Who ever said he underwinds his pickups doesn't know much about making pickups. Formvar wire gives you a significantly lower output than poly or PE which makes people think the pickups are underwound, but they aren't underwound at all.

As for the magnets, you will not get JM's tone if you use alnico 2's or 3's. Not saying you shouldn't use them if thats what you want. Just saying, it's not going to give you what you are saying you want.

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I must be misinformed then whats the point of comparing pups by output then? everybody seems to do that...

DC resistance gives you a clue as to what the output will be which is why they give you that information but to really know how much output the pickups will have you have to understand how the type of wire, magnets, bobbins size, insulation thickness, and resistance all work together. For the vast majority of people, the information pickup websites gives you is usless because most people don't really understand what it means.
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