Ghandi was a Social Libertarian. When people just say "Libertarian" they're usually talking about economic libertarianism which is dumb as heck.
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Mike Gravel. And I wouldn't say Gandhi was a total libertarian.

You are freaking wrong!

A libertarian, at least as far as the American Political system goes is a person who has mostly conserative political views but is in favor of Highly liberal person choice views. So a Libertarian would be anti-abortion but pro pot for instance. Mike Gravel is an Ultra Liberal as far as I can tell. He would be pretty close to a communist.
Libertarianism is like a combination of liberal social policies with neocon economic policies, right? In that case I'm somewhat of a Libertarian, as I'm liberal towards social issues and moderate towards economic issues.
yeah, it's liberal towards social with a stay the **** out approach to government spending
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Yeah, so who are some people (dead or alive) that have similar political views to that of Gandhi or even Ron Paul? Like a libertarian perspective. For a project.

Are you saying that Gandhi and Ron Paul have similar political views?
im pretty sure barry goldwater was considered a libertarian. thats what they kept saying in a video we watched in my politics class. i never did do the research to find out if he really was or not


this is the libertarian party website http://www.lp.org/

apparently bob barr is their nomination to run for president
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He's the leading libertarian party candidate for the 2008 election.

Sorry for going crazy on you. I guess you are right but I cant comprehend how that makes any sense. Im not sure why he did that but he is nothing anywhere close to an Average libertarian. Ron Paul is quite a bit closer of an example.
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Any politician who supported Laissez-faire capitalism in the 19th century


Thats just the economic side of things allthough you are correct.

As far as social views go, libertarians are super pro choice on everything. As far as they are concerned the less government the better, and the any government control in the lives of of the average American is too much.
I'm really looking for people that are not as extreme as people like Bob Barr. Barry Goldwater was a good example. Dominantly libertarian but a little more centrist on some levels. Thanks for the help thus far though.