i just would like to hear sound clips of a JCM900 playing metal through a guitar with EMG pickups in E or Eb tuning

i kinda tryed youtube, but i can`t find anything heavy unless it`s dropped tuned. or it`s a modded head.

so if you have a JCM900 (4500) sound clip with EMG`s playing Metal like Slayer or something, i`d love to hear it.

just trying to compare my head to other 900`s.
I have a JCM 900, the 100 watt 4100 dual reverb.
Dimarzio pups. wylde od for the extra gain. my gear is at the drummers, i'll get some sound clips soon.
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Slayerdeath I must say it seems to me like you chose the wrong amp. The reason I say this is because for the last few months since you've had it, all I've seen is threads from you asking to get this tone or that tone, or threads like this asking for certain things through a JCM900, there are probably more things but I am very drunk right now so bare with me. I'm not by any means having a dig at you but it seems to me like you are unsatisfied with your amp. If that is the case the you need to admit it (first and foremost to yourself) because like I said, it seems as though you are not getting enough out of the amp as you'd like to, so I just want you to really think about it as it seems like it is something in you're subconcious that is trying to make its way forward that you aren't happy with your amp.
After all, your ears don't lie. And if you are not fond of what you hear then usually they are trying to tell you something. But a anyway this is all just best guess.
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Save up and when you get like 500 bucks or so shy of your mark sell the Jcm 900 and get the 2203KK its well worth the wait...

Also the 900 i played with my EMG's had a decent classic rock tone but thats about it, it would probally take alot of boosting to get it to the slayer range...
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