hey i wanna know what kinda guitar best suits my needs.....

i like classic rock; ac/dc, aerosmith, guns n'roses
I love the beatles
i like those speed players: joe satriani and steve vai
i wanna learn to shread: yah um...lots of practice
i wanna play twangy funk like RHCP
i like jazz and blues music: like bb kind etc...
and i want something without a floyd rose and would prefer a wammy bar, but not needed

so i want a very versital guitar i have a vox valvetronix ad30vt amp thanks in advance
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I would check out a few Les Pauls. They are usually pretty good for blues, rock and some metal. Ummm if you want a twangy sound a Telecaster would be good, they are also used for some harder rock at times aswell.

Check out Epiphone Les Paul Standard or Custom and really any Fender Telecaster.
an hss strat would suit you well
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an hss strat would suit you well

that's what I was just about to say..
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Yea, I agree on the hss, only Im not a fan of humbuckers on strats, but A les paul I guess would work, but a strat would be the way to go