So im looking at getting this 01 ford focus and I have just a few questions. The car has 88000 on it which is fine because im only using it to get to school work and band pract which are only a few miles from my house.

But there were some rust spots on the body nothing to bad... how much does it cost to get that fixed. Their are about 3 spots all about 3 inches in diameter.

and how much would it cost to put power windows and locks on the car?

thanks in adavnced pit
I wouldn't get it if it's rusting. Unless it's cheap.
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Rust? On a 7 year old car? Don't happen to live near Bonneville do you?
Windows and locks aren't that expensive, can get the kits off E-bay, or even go to a scrap yard and take the parts off one that already has it.
Can do the same for the panels from time to time. Its quite a popular car, so parts will be piss easy to find.
i live in upstate new york so the salt in the winter blows... ****es up every car.... the rust spots are not even that bad to be honest.. the car is so cheap that I cant pass it up.

what does it cost to get the rust spots fixed?
Why not just look for a used car with power windows and locks?
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Well, I don't know how they could've gotten 3 - 3 inch rust spots on a car thats only 7 years old? Have you checked if the car's gotten into any accidents? Or if the rust spots are because of "natural" causes, then I would consider checking the engine and accessories as well. Since if the salt/air content of the weather that the cars been in can cause big rust spots on the body, I can only wonder what could've happened under the hood.