Hey I'm new to the bass and just bought one a week ago. I just found a guy who gives lessons and charges 20 bucks an hour. I was just wondering if that is a fair price
That's a pretty good price, especially if you're just starting. Some guys charge 30-40+ per hour and if you want advanced lessons it's even more. I'd say go for it. If you find he isn't very helpful you can just cancel and try to find someone else.
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yeah basically im paying 40$ for mine so yeah go for it, hes got some experience or just enough to get you on the right track
it would be worth it if he knows his music theory and such,

but i wouldnt really pay $20 an hour just for someone to show me how to play something then not explain the theory behind it, i can do that myself,

but if hes good, and will help with theory, hell, its a great deal,

go for it
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