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I've got a few things left over from when i was customizing my old strat, and i've had these "left-overs" laying around for some bit, and i've been meaning to sell them, so here you go.

PM me if you want to buy anything, just pick and choose, you don't have to buy all of it (though you can), but think of it as a yard sale, just pick out whatever you want, then just PM me and we'll negotiate price.

First, i have a Whammy bar handle (bottom-left), pickup selector toggle switch (bottom-center)(this switch is for an older strat because i've got a newer one and it wouldn't fit), and backplate (center)

3 pickup covers (SSS strat pickups) (white, ignore the pic, it's bad lighting, these are alpine white)

3 Control Knobs for Strat (Vol., Tone, Tone) (once again, ignore the pic, they're alpine white, it's just bad lighting again.)

A pickguard (SSS strat) (alpine white) (perfect condition)

And lastly, another pickguard (HSS strat) (black) (perfect condition)

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Where are you? I'm interested in the black backplate, how much are you looking for?
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you can get that toneblaster stack at the cost of your dignity.

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fine, screw the cheese sandwich if you must...

southern alabama, that is all i can say now, seeing as we're on the web.

somebody might be buying that, but i'll let you know if they don't. We're talking about it.

how much for the HSS pickguard, black back, the toggle switch, and the whammy handle alltogether?
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Oh ok, no worries then, I'm in the UK, it'll be cheaper for me to buy one new.

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you can get that toneblaster stack at the cost of your dignity.

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fine, screw the cheese sandwich if you must...


come while you can, items are as of now clearing out, as soon as i get the official payment of some items i will immediately be taking them down from this thread.

Hey, I'm interested in all of the black hardware (Pickguard, backplate, switch cover, whammy cover). If anything is still left, let me know a $$ and if you'd be willing to ship to Canada. Pretty small stuff, so it shouldn't be a problem.

And how'd you manage to be selling exactly what I'm looking for? Lol.

EDIT: Never mind, you don't take PayPal. That isn't going to work for me.
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Unless your prices and shipping are excellent, I suppose. I would really love the pickguard, backplate for my HSS when I get it...
how much for the white pickguard and pickup covers? would you ship to Australi?
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I may be getting a job soon, so can you save those pup covers? What's the hole-spacing on them (hole-to-hole, not end-hole to end-hole)? My strat has 2 of the stock pups and a guitar fetish pup. The guitar fetish covers don't fit the stock pups b/c the holes are spaced farther apart than the stock pups' covers. That's why I asked...
hmm... i don't know... they fit the same as the fender ones i ordered to replace it with... so, they can't be too different.

But just to make sure, how do i find out what the hole spacing is?

If you have one of those heap plastic calipers, just use the 'inside' part (the back) to measure between the outside edges of any two holes and the edges of the outside two holes. A ruler works, too, but you need to be more precise.

My pups are stock Squier pups and the middle pup is frm the Guitar Fetish closeout page (and has a wider hole spacing (prolly F-spaced).

I'll only be able to use 2 of them since if they fit my stock pups, they won't fit the middle pup...
okay... i just measured them with a little centimeter ruler.
It's 5mm between each hole, and it's 6mm from the outside and the edge of the hole.

I'm kind of having trouble understanding you, so i'll show you what i'm talking about, and tell me if this what you need to know:
Pickup Covers.jpg

forgot to tell about this:

the red line is 5mm apart, and the green line is 6mm apart... get it?

Measure from the outsides of the holes (as shown). I need to know the total length between the holes (red line) and length between any 2 adjacent holes (green line).
oh, okay.

5.7cm all the way across (the red line)

and 1.5cm from the outer edges of two holes (green line).

how much could i get the knobs and pickup covers for?

+shipping to dallas texas?
rawr!!! feisty!!! hahaha.

Yeah, everything black is still there, but i think somebody else is buying all the black stuff, BUT i haven't really talked to him lately, so it's still officially up.


(i wish i could edit this thing....)

Yeah, and i started this thread back when you COULD edit, so i was just planning on taking things off as i sell them.... but that's obviously backfired on me. So i guess i'll just explain to people what's left. :/


TS, check your PM's
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how much do you want for the MIM black back plate & 1 white Tone & volume knob?
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