I am getting one of the 300 dollar Jackson Vs because they are the cheapest guitar I can find that comes with a decent wood (alder). I am planning on upgrading virtually everything over time. Going to put in an EMG 85 and an EMG 81 for pickups right when I get it and some Grover tuners as well. The guitar is string through body and I was wondering what a good bridge would be to get. Also, I plan on upgrading the neck to a ESP headstock Warmoth neck. I have an ESP guitar and I like the company so I was thinking of putting an ESP logo to match the headstock. Is there a problem with doing this?
why not just save money and get an ESP LTD that already has that stuff?
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Try and find just the body. I saw an RR body in red on eBay for under $100.

For the bridge get a tone pros or a tune-o-matic.
I am not sure if he is still looking for help with this project considering he started it 9 years ago mate.
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