hey i started playing guitar a year ago when i got an acoustic as a gift and i got an electric six months ago too. since then ive taught myself and been practicing for at least an hour most days and at this point i can play easy songs like stairway to heaven perfectly and i can play intermediate songs like paradise city really well too and i can even play hard songs like certain van halen or master of puppets a little sloppy in parts but still decent overall. however, when i try to create my own solos i cant create anything longer than like 45 seconds that still sounds decent and original and even to make a decent half minute solo takes me hours and hours of messing around and putting together riffs and short runs. Im not able to improvise to save my life or get a good run going for awhile. ive learned all the basic scales like the pentatonic, minor, major blues etc. and the only things i can think of that i havent learned so far are theory beyond the basics, modes intervals and tapping so is there a reason why i still cant improvise at all? also i cant memorize and play without looking at a tab songs that are at all complex or not simple, is that just a memory thing that will eventually come to me?
improvising just takes time... i'm assuming you overlap scales? cuz that's a biggie... also with the memory i have to play over and over again to memorize stuff, so just go for it
yeah i overlap scales. the thing about improvising and creating good solos that frustrates me is that when i play great solos from the legends like page or van halen, not that i expect my own to sound anywhere near as good as theirs, they flow so naturally and all the notes and bends sound right but i dont really know how to find the right notes on the spot when im improvising even though i know the scales which is why right now i can only get the right notes through hours of basically guesswork in the scales
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Jimmy Page has been playing guitar since the 1950s.
And he said in an interview he doesn't know **** from piss about scales, its from practicing whatever you think sounds good.
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It's just one of those things that comes with time. I have a tough time improving any really catchy leads, so I have to write my solos out note for note. Good improving skills come with time and practice.


There is no right way.

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Quote by hminh87
There is no right way.

This, and the fact that you've only been playing a year. I don't think anybody can be really good at improvising and writing solos and whatnot after only a year of playing.
Wow, you do that and you have played for a year only... cool.

Here are a few suggestions:
1) get a guitar teacher, even if only one time a month - that usually helps
2) here are a few tricks to get out of your confort zone when improvising and that will likely open new doors for you.
a) Play only on one string
b) Play two notes at a time on different string
c) Play non stop, half notes (you can't pause at all)
d) Pick a pattern and modify it to fit the chords
e) pick a favorite lick from an artist you like, play it reverse, modify it (write it down)
f) try improvising on a single chord for a few minutes

3) knowing the notes on the fretboard and the notes within each chord is key

hope this helps